How to take care of your jewelry

Properly taking care of your jewelry will keep it looking like new for a long time. How to do it?

  • remove your jewelry before bathing or showering, and minimize its contact with water;
  • avoid contact of the jewelry with freshly oiled skin (after applying creams, lotions, tanning oils);
  • regularly clean silver and gilded jewelry or its parts. You can do it, for example, using a damp cloth and a mix of water and dishwashing liquid or using specialized cleaning products;
  • remember that the gold layer covering your jewelry can wear off over time. If it happens, you can have your favorite jewelry replated. For details, e-mail us at or visit our boutique at 63 Mokotowska street  in Warsaw;
  • you can also ask us to renovate or remodel (including lengthening or shortening) your purchased jewelry.