How to take care of our jewelry

In order to enjoy the shine of our jewelry as long as possible, follow the guidelines below.

Remove before

  • every bath, including sea baths and pool swims, also before dish washing and other activities that expose the jewelry to prolonged / intensive contact with water;
  • doing sports – sweaty body will not be its friend;
  • sleep – while sleeping you have no control over what happens to your jewelry.


  • from a wide range of cosmetics you apply to your body and hair: perfumes, lotions, oils, brocades, conditioners, paints, sea salt, etc. Do not do body peelings while wearing jewelry!


  • playing with moving jewelry parts (especially parts of necklaces), their friction with the chain can cause the gold to wear off;
  • wearing jewelry together with items that may scratch it, like a watch or sharp ridges of other jewelry pieces.

Clean regularly

  • clean gold and silver (also gilded) jewelry or parts of it. All you need is a soft cloth lightly dampened in a solution of water and dish detergent – you can also use professional, certified cleaning products.

Expose the gemstones to sunlight

  • all gemstones we use are natural stones – they feed on sunlight, so if possible, make use of it as often as possible. They will repay you with a beautiful glow.


  • carefully in a dry, safe place;
  • always one by one, most safely in our original boxes or special jewelry boxes with compartments.



Please remember that most of our jewelry is gilded and the gold layer covering it can wear off over time. Properly caring for your jewelry will ensure a longer wear life and proper shine – and when the gilding wears off, we can still fix it:


Jewelry SPA

  • If you find that your jewelry has lost its luster, we will regild it, restoring its former splendor. Regilding is a paid service, priced individually – depending on the size of the necklace / bracelet / earrings / other accessory. For more information, please contact us at, or personally visit our boutique at Mokotowska 63 in Warsaw (entrance from the patio), phone: 511 134 644;
  • We also offer other cosmetic procedures for the jewelry purchased from us – such as shortening, renovation or other services – but as it is always an individual matter please consult us first. Do not hesitate to get in touch.


Jewelry repairs and renovation

What we fix

  • You can bring for repair only the jewelry purchased from us – both online and in person at our boutique.

The scope of repairs

When it comes to our jewelry, we do pretty much every kind of repair:

  • fixing structural damage: breaks, ruptures, chipping of elements or links
  • missing gemstones replacement
  • restringing
  • regilding

Time of repairs

The repairs are performed by the same team who creates our jewelry which is why it might take quite some time to finish them. Generally, we strive to return repaired products within 4 weeks, but the time your jewelry spends in our workshop might sometimes be longer (especially in hot periods, like before Christmas or during various promotions). Simply put, the repair time depends on the quantity of work we have at our hands at the given moment. If you decide to leave your jewelry for repair/renovation, we ask for your understanding.


Each repair is priced individually, depending on the number of treatments we need to perform so that the jewelry after repair will please you as much as at the time of purchase.

Conditions for accepting jewelry for repair

  • we accept only jewelry which is clean, free of dirt and contamination
  • please remember that every piece of jewelry sent for repair should be packed individually, not knotted or tangled

How to bring your jewelry for repair

  • personally, to our boutique at Mokotowska 63 in Warsaw, entrance from the patio
  • send it by courier to our boutique: Anka Krystyniak Jewels, Mokotowska 63 (patio), 00-533 Warsaw – please always contact us in advance by e-mail at Every package should include a card with information about the owner and the kind of service that you’re after.

In order to avoid having to send your jewelry for repair make sure to properly care for it. You’ll find all the tips at the top of this page.