Elle Style Awards 2018: Anka Krystyniak Wins Brand of the Year!

During the gala ceremony of the Elle Style Awards 2018, held on October 2 at the Warsaw DESA Unicum auction house, we received the Brand of the Year award. Ania summed up this great honor and distinction in the most beautiful way:

“It was a beautiful evening. Back when I was just starting to design jewelry, I did not even dream about receiving any awards for it. I feel really touched and happy. But there would be no Anka Krystyniak if not for those people who helped me from the very beginning – thank you, Kasia and my family, and thank you to my friends for being with me and always being kind and supportive about what I do. Thank you to the ELLE Polska editorial team and to everyone who wears our jewelry.”

We are touched, but it also gave us a huge, extra kick to continue our hard work. Thank you! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Below are some of our photos from the very middle of the Elle Style Awards 2018.

Elle Style Awards - Anka Krystyniak-2

Elle Style Awards - Anka Krystyniak-1